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it will be 15 Day classes (5 days/week ~ 1 hour+/day) where we will build the same apps which helped me get good paying job 💼 with no job experience even with tier 3 college

Join now for Just Rs.299 Rs.499 For 15 Day live classes

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What we will build?

Build a Flutter News App 📰 with NewsApi Org

Build a Flutter Firebase Blog App

Build a Recipe 🍳 App with Flutter

Build ToDo Web App Made with Flutter & Firebase

Build Fully Functioning Flutter Chat App 💬 with Flutter & FIrebase Firestore

What can you expect from it ?

Learn about Basics of Flutter

Get Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.

Developing Android, iOS & Web apps using Dart & Flutter

Firebase CRUD Operations

Google Sign In & Email Password Sign In

Host Flutter App on Web

and much more.

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Overall i will cover what the startup companies are looking and are paying well for. What i expect from you is to learn and implement.

I will teach live for 15 days from 15 Dec 7pm - 8:30pm for just Rs 299 investment

When you join "30 Day Flutter Bootcamp LIVE 🔴 " you will be added to a private facebook group and i will be coming live 5 days a week, 1 hour per day + 30 min qna, teaching to build all these from scratch hand holding you with all the problem you face by answering questions in live.

You will be added to a whatsapp group and notified 30 min and 15 min before live to make sure you never miss live and even if you do, Recording will be available in the group for access when you feel comfortable

Hi, i am Sanskar

I'm Sanskar Tiwari, Edutcator @ Youtube & Software Developer & Github Campus Expert

After making 50+ videos for my Youtube Channel

I started getting multiple comments of how people are getting stuck, whether it is a error or updated packages people where not able to follow till the end

So i thought what can i do? i tried answering but i can't because of count, i thought then i should make one more video on same thing if there is any update even that does not make sense, So i finally decided i am going to teach people live so if they will get stuck i will be there to help them

Tweet at me @indianappguy
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From all over the world 🇺🇸🇧🇷🇮🇳🇸🇬

Thanks a lot, I was successful in making my first app.

Archit's Music Room
on Youtube Video Comment

It's going to be awesome! I am a huge fan your chat app series and the blog app series. I was building an app for my college and I have implemented both the features. All thanks to you.

Nabhya Sharma
on Youtube Video Comment

Thanks for your tutorial . Your videos are helping to increase my knowledge on flutter ❤.

Azraf Al Monzim
on Youtube Video Comment

Perfect!!! I have saw it compleate in once time. I LOVE your tutorials because you explain everything fixing errors. Thanks!!! 👍👌

on Youtube Video Comment

This is by far one of the BEST tutorials I'v watched on youtube and Your Explanation is EXCELLENT you're are an Amazing teacher.

Andrew Frankspartts
on Youtube Video Comment

You are great at explaining things bro , thankyou so much for creating such awesome contents , keep going on

Abhishek Bhambure
on Youtube Video Comment

Great tutorial. Very informative and entertaining at the same time.

on Youtube Video Comment